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Washer Problem

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The light comes on when my washer is turned on. But it goes off after a while. There is no response when pressing the power button. After waiting for a few minutes, I heard the washing machine beeping. At this time, the power-on indicator light is on again. After a minute or two it goes off again. After a while, it can be turned on again, and the process is repeated. Check the machine, suspect that there is a problem with the main control board in the lower part of the machine, and dig out the circuit board. Found that there is no 5V output. It is suspected to be a problem with the power block Tny276. I don't have a replacement of the same model on hand. I used tny177 to go up. It can also be turned on. Not extinguished. I don't know if it will last long. Do I need to buy an original model and replace it?

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