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PCB problems should be noticed in the design


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Newer should know  :wub:
1. The single side welding plate:
Don't use filled block to act as SMT components of solder, should use the welding by one side dish, usually one side welding plate is not boring, so it should be the aperture is set to 0.
2. The holes and pads:
Via don't replace with bonding pad, and vice versa.
3. Writing requirements:
Character tagging etc should be avoided on the bonding pad, especially SMT components of welding plate and on the Bottem layer welding plate, more should not be printed with characters and annotations. If there is space is too small can't let the character and needs on the bonding pad, and no special statement is reserved characters, when we do the plate will be removing the Bottem layer on any portion of bonding pad characters (not the whole character resection) and removal of the TOP layer of the above-mentioned elements character part of the welding plate, to ensure the reliability of the welding. Large copper seal characters, tin before they are printed characters, character does not make the cut. Are outside the plate characters do delete processing.
4. The green oil resistance welding requirements:
A. all according to the standard design, component of weld by solder, the solder (including via) are automatically resistance welding, but if the welding plate with filling block when the table with the line when the gold finger or plug, without special treatment, will cover these solder resistance welding oil and gold fingers, easily misunderstood sexual errors.
B. circuit boards welding this, if you need some areas not Solder resist ink (that is, the special resistance welding), should be in the corresponding layer (at the Top of the picture in the Top Solder, Mark layer at the Bottom of the painting at the Bottom Solder Mask layer) by solid graphics to express don't Solder resist ink on the area. Like to be on the Top layer of a large copper exposing a rectangular area on the lead, tin, can be directly in the Top Solder Mask layer to draw on the solid rectangular, without having to edit a single welded plate to Solder resist ink can not express.
C. for BGA plate, a hole near the BGA solder pad are required to cover the green oil on surface of the element.
5. Laying copper area requirements:
Large shop made grid shop or solid copper, copper whether required distance from the edge is greater than 0.5 mm. No copper lattice size requirements of grid is greater than 15 mil x 15 mil, namely grid parameters setting window parts relate in the Settings
(the Grid Size value) - (Track Width value) or 15 mil, Track Width values of 10 or more, if no copper lattice Grid is less than 15 mil x 15 mil cause other parts circuit board, the open circuit in the production, at this time should be laying solid copper, set:
(the Grid Size value) - (Track Width values) - 1 mil or less.
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Not bad, although these knowledge are known to ordinary, but sometimes people just made a little mistake, so sometimes will review some basic knowledge.
I recently a friend introduced me to made a PCB in the store, not bad, to introduce to you.http://www.aliexpress.com/supplier-fm/wholesale-products/218573934-productlist.html
you can have a look  :mellow: 
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