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DC Sewing machine controller using Hall Effect pedal


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Hi - I am  brand new member and openly admit to knowing little about electronics.  I have spent quite some time developing a systen whereby I drive industrial sewing machines using a DC motor, a controller and a pedal with a built in potentiometer.  It works really well but the drawback is the home constructed pedal.  I have had one of the controllers modified by the supplier to use a hall effect pedal. These pedals are quite compact but I'm finding it quite costly to buy a controller and have it converted to hall effect opetration.

I'm hoping someone can recommend some readily available inexpensive, off the shelf controllers that will do the job.  I use a 24v DC Power supply with a max current of either 20A or 10A.  I use 350w DC motors from typically an electric scooter, a DC controller and a pedal.  I now want to use smaller motors, say 120w max to drive domestic sewing machines and am seeking the DC controller.  I can readily source the pedals from China.

Can anybody point me in the right direction. Please bear in mind that I have little experience of electronics.



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