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I found a one-stop PCB assembly service only $7.


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A few weeks ago, I wanna make a CNC machine.
So I think about it, what kind of things I will need.
It likes I need some 3D print parts, a PCB assembled board and some drive.
I have a full 3D print skill and I know how to use a drive to make a CNC machine.
But as you know, buy a PCB assembled board is not impossible to buy an only one,
I don't have a enough money to buy more than 10 pcs, I am just a student.
Lucky, one of my friend Tommy, tell me this company: NextPCB
Omg, there are has a big discount for the PCB assembly board, and it was crazy if you are new on this website.
Only $7 for 5 pcs.
That was fantastic!

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Hi Jamesik,

it is great to find a cheaper circuit board,just warmly remind,we can not just judge a circuit board only for money value,different construction and different material,different surface treatment leads to different price,respondingly,if you emphasis on the quality,the price maybe rather higher,so we should've comprehended the whole elements to evaluate the price,hope it could help you,tks.




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