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  1. What is the fault that the switching power supply made with Uc3844 burns the output voltage terminal filter capacitor?
  2. When designing a switching power supply with UC3843, some of the current sampling circuits are taken through a coil, and some are taken directly from the source stage of the switching tube. How is it determined? How is that coil calculated?
  3. I connect pin 1 to +5V and pin 2 to the I/O port P1.0 of the microcontroller. Why no matter whether the value of P1.0 is 1 or 0, pins 3 and 4 of the optocoupler are not connected (measured by a multimeter)?
  4. Hello, everyone. I want to ask If the supply voltage of CD40106 is 12V, can the signal input voltage of CD40106 be 14V? Thanks in advance.
  5. What does OP27G used for? I saw it on a control card, but I don't know what's the function of it, who can tell me? Thanks in advance.
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