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  1. The battery voltage of the car key CR1632 is measured as 3V and cannot be used. The newly purchased battery is 3.3V and can be used. Why?
  2. No schematics, just a PCB, want to add a small circuit, but don't know how to add a new net label? Without a network label, you can't connect; it should be!
  3. What is the fault that the switching power supply made with Uc3844 burns the output voltage terminal filter capacitor?
  4. When designing a switching power supply with UC3843, some of the current sampling circuits are taken through a coil, and some are taken directly from the source stage of the switching tube. How is it determined? How is that coil calculated?
  5. I connect pin 1 to +5V and pin 2 to the I/O port P1.0 of the microcontroller. Why no matter whether the value of P1.0 is 1 or 0, pins 3 and 4 of the optocoupler are not connected (measured by a multimeter)?
  6. Hello, everyone. I want to ask If the supply voltage of CD40106 is 12V, can the signal input voltage of CD40106 be 14V? Thanks in advance.
  7. What does OP27G used for? I saw it on a control card, but I don't know what's the function of it, who can tell me? Thanks in advance.
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