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  1. Another comparison article of NE5532, hope it helps. https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/NE5532-comparisons.html
  2. The most comprehensive comparison article of L293D and its similar models i could find on the internet, it's useful to me, hope it's helpful to guys as well. https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/l293d-comparisons.html
  3. Hey guys, this is Bob. Just saw this dope project and im trying to make a temperature measurement device follow this article, seems kinda complicated at first sight but im decided to give it a go lol https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/AD590-temperature-sensor.html
  4. Hey guys, this is Bob, in today's blog we'll discuss the difference between 1N4148, 1N4007, 1N5819. I. Brief Introduction to 1N4148, 1N4007, 1N5819 1N4148 is a fast switching diode. It is fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) packages. 1n4007 is a PN junction rectifier diode. These types of diodes allow only the flow of electrical current in one direction only. So, it can be used for the conversion of AC power to DC. 1N5819 is a Schottky diode with 2 pins, a peak current of 25A, and an operating te
  5. UC3842 is a fixed frequency current-mode PWM controller. This IC is specially designed for Off-Line and DC to DC converter applications with minimum external components. In the blog today, we'll have a further discussion about the application of UC3842 in the boost conversion circuit. Boost Conversion Circuit Overview Boost converters can reduce the output current and the capacitance and volume of the output filter capacitor under a certain output power, and are widely used in switching power supplies and electronic ballasts. Commonly used control methods are volta
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