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  1. Industrial IoT and PLCs Industrial IoT is growing rapidly. However, traditional PLCs don’t offer sufficient flexibility and connectivity as required by engineers. Customizing solutions to achieve the required flexibility and connectivity is costly and time-consuming. More so, very few engineers have the experience required to develop a functional microcontroller-based embedded solution. Programmable Logic Controllers A PLC is a programmable controller that has been ruggedized and tailored to perform a specific process in an industrial application. The proces
  2. Enrgtech is one of the UK's fastest emerging company, which is providing products and services to the Electronics sector. Based in the United Kingdom, our primary aim is to provide our clients with a service that simplifies the way in which products are purchased and delivered across the Middle East and Africa. Our aim is to provide a long term business relationship with our customers by offering a tailored service. Here, at Enrg Tech, we take great pride on providing the highest quality products available to both retailers and wholesalers. It is our corporate policy that our customers are pro
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