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  1. The industry’s best noise performance and lowest power octal-channel, 14-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) at 80 MSPS has been released. The ADS5294EVM delivers a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 755dBFS at 5MHz. It integrates a digital processing block, a low-frequency noise suppression mode, and programmable input-to-output mapping. These features allow system designers to integrate more functions into a smaller footprint, resulting in more compact medical imaging systems. Features and benefits Leading noise and power performance: The ADS5294EVM provides best-in-class SNR and enables designers of high-density applications to increase channel count without increasing power. 75.5 dBFS SNR at 5 MHz/80 MSPS 78.2 dBFS SNR at 5 MHz and decimation filter enabled 84 dBc SFDR at 5 MHz/80 MSPS 77 mW per channel at 80 MSPS (two LVDS wires per channel) Low-frequency noise suppression mode. Digital processing block that integrates several commonly used system functions such as two- or four-channel averaging and decimation by two, four or eight filters. The digital processing block can be used to significantly improve SNR and filter harmonics, while reducing output data rate for narrow-band applications. Two-wire LVDS interface: Using the ADS5294, digital data can be output over one or two wires of LVDS pins per channel reducing the number of interface lines. This creates a two-wire interface which keeps the serial data rate low allowing designers to use low cost FPGAs. In addition to medical imaging systems, the ADS5294 brings the same benefits to radar, communications, test and measurement and other multi-channel data acquisition applications.
  2. With a built in adjustable watchdog timer, Torex Semiconductor's XC6130/31 voltage detector is suited for high reliability applications where the system needs to be able to recover from code errors without human intervention. The reset timeout and the watchdog timeout period can be adjusted using an external capacitor while a separate manual reset input on the XC6130 allows a simple push button interface. The XC6131 series has a watchdog ON/OFF function, which allows the watchdog function to be turned OFF while the voltage detector that monitors the power voltage continues to operate. With a revised internal circuit which offers improved Temperature Characteristics (±50ppm/degC), higher detector treshold accuracy (±1.0% at 25˚C) and low power consumption (9.8µA), the XC6130/31 is ideally suited for monitoring a wide range of microprocessors, in all types of battery powered applications. The XC6130/31 comes with an N-channel open drain output and is configured as Detect Low (RESETB). The Detect Voltage Range can be set between 1.6V and 5.0V in 0.1V steps. The XC6130/31 is available in the SOT-26 package and is fully RoHS compliant and Halogen free. More electronic elements are on http://www.kynix.com/
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