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How to recover from a brown out on STM32L0


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'm using STM32L0 which was from http://www.kynix.com/Detail/1118455/STM32L062K8T6.html. My firmware operates at 2V. These are stepped down from 24V. If I have a short of the 24V for a short period of time this causes a brown out on my 2V the voltage begins to oscillate from my step down.

I want to solve this with software.

If seen that I don't get this problem without a load ( while(1), all peripherals turned off. )

I added a for-loop at the start of the program, that held for a few seconds, that didn't help. To me this means the program does not actually reset. Its somehow latches up unless the voltage drops bellow a threshold.

Can I use under voltage detection or brown out detection of STM to prevent this?

I need to force a reset as soon as the voltage drops bellow around 1.8V. I need to react, if I don't want an oscillation, within around 3ms.



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