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Found 2 results

  1. In previous versions Traffic light project can only function control LEDs and display count, can not set a time for each to be led by hand. In this version, we absolutely can set the time for the system via the button lights easily. To understand this project faster, you can review the following basic project: Treatment Project button buttons7 segment display and programmable 7-segment LED scanScan 2 7-segment LED on the pic 16f877aBasically this project like project "Simulation of traffic lights - Traffic light", but here there is a system update installed part time. Which means that, you absolutely can set the time for the easily led system through push buttons. Button (+): increase 1 function unit (number).Button (-): function reduction unit (s)Set Red Led: when you use the button (+), (-) to select the time and use this button to set the time for the red LED.Set Yellow Led: set time for yellow LED.Set Blue Led: set time for yellow LED.Enter: the completion of the set time for the LED, press the Enter key to system operation.When you want to reset the parameters when pressing button (Reset), at which the program will start from scratch and you can reinstall the time. || code C and simulation proteus file
  2. I am using PIC microcontroller 16f877A to create a traffic light, the project essentially pure learning and writing code. 5.1 Protues simulation. Some pictures for reference: The timing of the lights can be easily changed. || Download code written in MikroC and Proteus circuit simulation at here! source: http://dientudieukhien.net
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