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Sine Wave Drive Full Bridge Inverter Circuit

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I need to finish a program before I graduate. And I wrote one. However SIMULATOR displayed PWM CLOCK FASTER THAN FOSC When debugging. I cant found troubles. My code is given below. Hope someoone here can help me !

The datasheet of DSPIC30F2020

#include <p30F2020.h>
_FOSCSEL(FRC_PLL); //enable PLL,FRC crystal oscillator
_FOSC(CSW_FSCM_OFF&FRC_HI_RANGE); //ban clock to switch,High frequency mode
_FPOR(PWRT_128);//power on reset128MS
_FWDT(FWDTEN_OFF); //The watchdog timer is prohibited 
_FGS(CODE_PROT_OFF);//Code protection closed

unsigned int const pwmtab[200] = {0,631,1262,1892,2522,3152,3781,4409,5035,5661,6285,6908,7528,8147,8764,9379,
unsigned char num; //Look-up table order register
unsigned char sign; //Sine table output symbol
float  sin_l;
void PortInit()  
   // LATE= 0x0000;  // E pot reset 
    TRISE = 0x0000; //set E pot to output , 0: out, 1: in 
    TRISB = 0x0000; //set E pot to output, 0: out, 1: in 
    PORTE = 0x0000;  
    PORTB = 0x0000;  
    OSCCONbits.TSEQEN=0;//OSCTUN  TUN<3:0> in register adjust FRC oscillator
    OSCTUNbits.TUN = 0111; /* FRC时钟为15M */ 

void PWM_Config() 

FCLCON1=0X0003; // Disable the current limit and fault type

IOCON1bits.PENH = 1; /* PWM1H PWM module will control PWM output pin */ 

IOCON1bits.PENL = 1; /* PWM1L PWM module will control PWM output pin */ 

IOCON1bits.PMOD = 00; /* Complementary output mode */ 

IOCON1bits.POLH = 0; //Effective if PWMxH pin is high level

IOCON1bits.POLL = 0; /Effective if PWMxL pin is high leve

/* Load PDTR1 and ALTDTR2 register with preset dead time value */ 
DTR1 = 64; /* Dead band time Settings */ 

ALTDTR1 = 64; /* dead time */ 

/* PHASE1 register */ 
PHASE1 = 0; /* No phase shift */ 

/* PWM Time Base Control Register */ 
PTCONbits.PTEN = 1; // enable PWM module
PTCONbits.EIPU = 1; /Register/update immediately effective cycle 
PWMCON1bits.IUE = 1; //Update immediately effective pdc register
PWMCON1bits.MDCS = 0;//PDC provide duty ratio

    PTPER = 47620; //30mips为47620 ,cycle=(PTPER+1)/120MHZ 
    PDC1 = 0; //Duty ratio reset

     _PWM1IE=1;//Allow the interrupt request
_PWM1IF=0;//Interrupt flag reset
  _PWM1IP=6;    //set interrupt priority level to be 6
  _IPL=1;//CPU interrupt priority level is 1

int main() 

    num = 0;        // A variable initialization
sign = 0; 
PortInit() ;
while(1);//Have been circulating wait for interrupt

void __attribute__((interrupt, no_auto_psv)) _PWM1Interrupt(void)
      _PWM1IF=0;//Interrupt flag bit reset
    if (!num)        /fi num=0,mean that every sign invert the look-up table cycle, used to determine the positive and negative half cycle waveform      

  sign = ~sign; //0 to be 1
    ++num;        // Sine table order value
  if (num>=200)        //reset num after checking 200 pots
num = 0; 
    sin_l= pwmtab[num];
    PDC1=(unsigned char)sin_l;//The assignment
                                      {PORTBbits.RB5=0;}// reversing




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