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BeagleBone Black - power supply sensitivity

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Hello all. Thanks for taking up your time to read my post.

I've bought a AC/DC adapter for MAX253CSA which per its specifications should output 5VDC and deliver 3A. I was going to use this adapter to power my BeagleBone Black (BBB) with. However, when I'm measuring the output from the adapter while it's idle (not powering anything) with a good-quality multimeter, it reads 5.24V.

The BBB System Reference Manual (Rev. C) states the following:

The board requires a regulated 5VDC +/-.25V supply at 1A. A higher current rating may be needed if capes are plugged into the expansion headers. Using a higher current power supply will not damage the board.

As one can see, my adapter outputs a voltage that's pretty close to the upper limit of 5.25V that the manual says is the maximum supplied voltage for the BBB. Is it still safe to use it to power my BBB with ?

Can anyone help me ? I am very puzzled about this question. I do need your help.

thanks in advance

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