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What are the principles for vibration sensors ?

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I read an electronic magazine in which there is a report on what are the principles for vibration sensors. After reading, I became interested in the principles for vibration sensors. So I searched some related materials and information about this topic from google. Today I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss my understandings are appropriate.




Here are my personal understandings:

The vibration sensor has vibration displacement, vibration speed and vibration acceleration sensor.
In short, the vibration displacement sensor (commonly used eddy current sensor) according to the vibration displacement and output voltage changes in the relationship between the vibration velocity sensor according to the relative movement of the magnetic field lines to produce changes in voltage, vibration acceleration sensor according to the relationship between deformation and charge.
The speed sensor can be displaced by hardware or software integral, the acceleration sensor can be obtained through a single integral vibration speed, the second integral can be vibration displacement.
Because it is necessary to measure the acceleration, it is necessary to have a vibration acceleration sensor.
Displacement measurement: If the non-contact measurement gap changes, you must use the vibration displacement sensor (eddy current sensor); If it is contact measurement, you can use the acceleration sensor through 2 times the integral can also be used to complete the speed sensor 1 points, the specific use What kind of way depends on the measurement object. In general, if gears or rolling bearings are included, use the acceleration sensor, otherwise use the speed sensor.

Some vibration sensor measurement principle is actually the principle of measuring displacement only with the displacement sensor to measure the vibration, then the sampling frequency of the sensor must be higher than the vibration frequency of the measured object.

Ps: Excuse me if I was wrong in words or expressions as I am a green hand in the field of vibration sensors. I need continual learnings.

What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.

May someone would like to help ?

thanks in advance

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