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I can teach you how to connect wires in temperature probe.

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I read an electronic magazine in which there is a report on how to connect wires in temperature probe. After reading, I became interested in wiring connection in temperature probe. So I searched some related materials and information about this topic from google. Today I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss my understandings are appropriate.




Here are my personal understandings:

Thermostat (Thermostat), according to the working environment of the temperature changes in the switch within the physical deformation, resulting in some special effects, resulting in conduction or disconnection of a series of automatic control components, also known as temperature control switch, temperature protection Device, temperature controller, referred to as thermostat. Or through the temperature protection device to the temperature through the temperature controller, the temperature controller issued a switch command to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the desired temperature and energy saving effect, its wide range of applications, according to different types of thermostat applications in Home appliances, motors, refrigeration or heating and many other products.

Its working principle is through the temperature sensor to automatically check the ambient temperature, real-time monitoring, when the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value when the control circuit starts, you can set the control hysteresis. If the temperature is still rising, when rising to the set limit alarm temperature point, start the alarm function. When the controlled temperature can not be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the destruction of equipment can also be through the trip function to stop the device to continue running. Mainly used in the power sector to use a variety of high and low voltage switchgear, dry-type transformers, box-type substation and other related temperature use.

Wiring Method

Look at the three feet on the thermostat, they are used in English letters and numbers in two ways to replace, namely: H (6), L (3), C (4).
H (6) then brown line, is the power of the line of fire;
L (3) connected to the gray line, is the fire line of light;
C (4) then the white line is the fire line of the compressor.

Control Method

The control method is generally divided into two kinds; one is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, the steam pressure type temperature controller is used, the other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object to be cooled, and the electronic temperature Controller.
Its use of fuzzy control techniques such as PID control, P (Proportional) ratio + I (Integral) + D (Differential) differential control.

Ps: Excuse me if I was wrong in words or expressions as I am a green hand in the field of temperature probe. I need continual learnings.

What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.

May someone would like to help ?

thanks in advance

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