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A Bluetooth device that will send data to a mobile phone

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I want to make a device which will send a data to a mobile phone which is connected using Bluetooth.

Here is the thing: http://www.kynix.com/Detail/12335/MAX1490AEPG%2B.html

I want something like this. The problem is I have no electrical background. But I have theoretical knowledge as I had a few electrical subjects in college.

The problem is: I don't understand what should I Google, precisely. Just throw me in the best direction so I don't get lost and don't waste time. Give me a basic idea or something that will motivate me.

I don't want the exact thing shown in video. I just want following thing to happen at least:

The user pushes a button, read what that button is for (say it is for the letter 'A'), then the mobile phone will show the letter 'A' in some app, e.g. notes.

Here I am considering data could be sent over Bluetooth, and the mobile phone is an Android device.

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