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3269P-1-104GLF:the main features of Trimmer Potentiometers

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Last few weeks, I read an electronic magazine in which there is a report on the main features of trimmer potentiometers, just like this: 

3269P-1-104GLF http://www.kynix.com/Detail/18903/3269P-1-104GLF.html. After reading, I became interested in trimmer potentiometers. So I searched some related materials about trimmer potentiometers, but found that they're not specific at all. So I turn to you, guys to come to this forum to post this topic. 

The role of the potentiometer - adjust the voltage (including DC voltage and signal voltage) and the size of the current.

  • 3269P-1-104GLF

[1] Structural features - the potentiometer resistor body has two fixed ends, by manually adjusting the shaft or the handle, change the position of the movable contact on the resistor, then change the movable contact with any fixed end Between the resistance value, thus changing the voltage and current size.

The potentiometer is an adjustable electronic component. It consists of a resistor and a rotating or sliding system. When a voltage is applied between the two fixed electric shocks of the resistor, the position of the contact on the resistor is changed by rotating or sliding the system, and a position between the movable contact and the fixed contact is obtained. A certain relationship between the voltage. It is mostly used as a voltage divider, when the potentiometer is a four-terminal components. Potentiometer is basically a sliding rheostat, there are several styles, generally used in the speaker volume switch and laser head power size adjustment potentiometer is an adjustable electronic components.

A variable resistor for partial pressure. On the exposed resistive body, press one or two removable metal contacts. The contact position determines the resistance between either end of the resistor and the contact. According to the relationship between the output and the input voltage ratio and the rotation angle, the linear potentiometer (linear relationship) and the function potentiometer (in the form of curve) are used. The main parameters for the resistance, tolerance, rated power. Widely used in electronic equipment, in the audio and receiver for volume control.


The main function of the potentiometer in the circuit has the following aspects.

1. Used as a voltage divider

The potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor that slides on the resistor when the handle or handle of the potentiometer is adjusted. At this time in the potentiometer output can be obtained with the potentiometer voltage and the movable arm angle or stroke into a certain relationship between the output voltage.

2. Used as a rheostat

When the potentiometer is used as a rheostat, it should be connected to both ends of the device so that a smooth and continuously changing resistance value is obtained within the range of the potentiometer.

3. Used as a current controller

When the potentiometer is used as a current controller, one of the selected current outputs must be a sliding contact terminal.

What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.

May someone would like to help ?

thanks in advance.


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