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LIRT110A Monitor - Current/Voltage - Relay Output

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I am trying  LIRT110A http://www.kynix.com/Detail/346988/LIRT110A.html Monitor-Current/Voltage-Relay Output for enriching the control range. Let's suppose what function it is. I am using Monitor-Current/Voltage-Relay Output for this purpose. It is working fine if I take analog readings and process that data with Arduino Nano.



Monitor-Current/Voltage-Relay Output


I wanna convert this analog reading to Digital one to be used as digital input to trigger an interrupt function. For this purpose I am trying LIRT110A Monitor-Current/Voltage-Relay Output . Schematics of How I have connected all the hardware is attached.

The relay is sorted by the number of its throws. The knife of the relay is the common terminal of each path. The position of each relay's knife can be connected to the relay's throw. A relay can consist of n knives and m throws. For example, a single pole single throw relay (SPST) has a knife and a throw.

Type A relays are single pole single throw type, the default state is "normally open".

Type B relays are single pole single throw type, the default state is "normally closed".

Type C relays are single pole double throw type, first with a relay throw off, and then connected to another (first broken after the connection).

A single relay is called a relay, the relay output means that the drive relay and other devices will be inserted in a board plus a few pins on what the composition of a circuit, such as DB-16R is a 16 C-type relay composed of relay output board, (The top of the C-type relay output), as long as the input to accept the signal, the output can drive the alarm and other things, that is, infrared alarm device with a relay inside, through the relay as Output direct control alarm or automatic door lights and other things.

Here the problem comes with the topic. My problem is how to recognize LIRT110A and In which areas Monitor-Current/Voltage-Relay Output would be used.

May someone would like to help me ? What is your idea ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated. 

thanks in advance.

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