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Found 1 result

  1. I guess almost everyone sees rectangular connectors, however do you know why rectangular connectors are called so ? I am an electronic engineer in the field of rectangular connectors and my job is making various different electronic projects, such as rectangular connectors. Today I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss my understandings are appropriate. Here are my personal understandings: As the structure of the connector is increasingly diversified, new structures and applications continue to emerge, trying to use a fixed pattern to solve the classification and naming problems, has become difficult to adapt. Nonetheless, some basic classifications are still valid. 1. Interconnection level According to the function of internal and external connection of electronic equipment, interconnection can be divided into five levels. ① The internal connection of the chip package ② IC package pin and PCB connection. Typical connector IC socket. ③ printed circuit and wire or printed circuit board connection. Typical connectors are printed circuit connectors. ④ the bottom plate and the floor of the connection. Typical connectors are cabinet connectors. ⑤ connection between equipment and equipment. Typical products are round connectors. The third and fourth levels have some overlap. In the five levels of the connector, the highest market value is the third and fifth level of the product, and the fastest growing is the third level of the product. 2. The level of the connector specification. According to the classification of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), connectors are electromechanical components for electronic equipment, the specification level is: Examples of connectors Sub-family Example: Round connector Type (type) Example: YB type round connector Variety (style) Example: YB3470 Variant 3. In China's industry management, the connector and switch, keyboard, etc. collectively referred to as electrical connector components, and electrical connectors and relays are referred to as electromechanical components. 4. The product category of the connector. Connector product type division Although some confusion, but technically, the connector product category only two basic division: ① by the shape of structure: round and rectangular (cross-section) ② by operating frequency: low frequency and high frequency (to 3MHz bounded) In the above division, the coaxial connectors are round and the printed circuit connectors are rectangular (historically, the printed circuit connectors are indeed separated from the rectangular connector) and are currently popular The rectangular connector has a trapezoidal cross section, approximately rectangular. To 3MHz for the boundaries of low frequency and high frequency and radio frequency division is basically the same. As for the other uses, installation, special structure, special performance, etc. can also be divided into many different types, and often appear in the publications and manufacturers of promotional materials, but generally only to highlight a feature and use, the basic classification is still Did not exceed the above division principle. Taking into account the technical development of the connector and the actual situation, from its versatility and related technical standards, the connector can be divided into the following categories (sub-categories): ① low-frequency circular connector; ② rectangular connector; ③ printed circuit connector; ④ RF connector; ⑤ fiber connector. 5. The model of the connector is named. The model name of the connector is the basis for the customer's production and the manufacturer's production. In the domestic and international connector industry, the product model name has two kinds of ideas: one is to use the letter code plus digital approach, and strive to model the name of the product reflects the main structural features. The benefits of this approach are easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long, too complicated, with the miniaturization of the connector, to print a lot of difficulties. At present, China is still popular in this way, and in some industry standards or even made in the national standard, such as SJ2298-83 (printed circuit connector), SJ2297-83 (rectangular connector), SJ2459-84 (ribbon cable connection Device), GB9538-88 (ribbon cable connector) and so on. Due to the increasing diversity of the connector structure, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover a certain type of connector with a naming convention in practice. Another idea is to use Arabic numerals. The benefits of this approach are concise, easy to print for computer management and logo for small products. International major connector manufacturers are currently using this approach. It is expected that the naming scheme that reflects the characteristics of the manufacturers will gradually replace the way in which a naming convention is prescribed by the whole industry under the planned economy system. As the structure of the connector is increasingly diversified, new structures and applications continue to emerge, trying to use a fixed pattern to solve the classification and naming problems, has become difficult to adapt. Nonetheless, some basic classifications are still valid. Ps: Excuse me if I was wrong in words or expressions as I am a green hand in the field of rectangular connectors. I need continual learnings. What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated. May someone would like to help ? thanks in advance.
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