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Found 1 result

  1. I read an electronic magazine where there is a report on the great magic of clock generators, just like this: Clock/Timing - Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers. After reading, I became interested in this topic, so I searched some information about clock generators, but found that it it not specific at all. Thus I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss if my personal understandings are appropriate. Here are my following understandings: Clock generator is in the motherboard on the memory slot of a chip, ICS on the right to find the word is the clock generator, and then look at the bottom of a line that is the model. The role of the clock generator First, the motherboard starts to provide initialization clock signal, so that the motherboard can start; Second, the normal operation of the motherboard to provide a variety of bus clock signal required to coordinate the memory chip clock frequency. If the clock generator chip or crystal is broken, the system may not start or may not function properly. The latter specifically for the sudden performance of somehow crash, and sometimes run normal and sometimes not normal and so on. If you suspect that the motherboard clock generator is a problem, it is best to repair the professional repair shop. Clock generator (clock generator) electronic components, continue to produce a stable interval of the voltage pulse, the product will be synchronized with all the components of the clock to operate the operation. Simply put, digital products must have a clock control, in order to accurately deal with digital signals, like the biological heartbeat. If the clock is unstable, ranging from digital signal transmission on the mistakes, while the digital equipment does not lead to normal operation. Clock generator technology to high frequency development to meet the needs of the PC market, the use of non-volatile silicon oxynitride oxide (SONOS, SILICON oxide oxide SILICON) technology, can produce high-performance 200MHz clock components, and Through the desktop platform compiler directly to the programming. With the help of this compilation tool, system designers can even complete the input and output clock settings without having to be familiar with the PLL technology, shortening the design time before the product is available. Those are just my personal understandings. What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated. May someone would like to help me ? thanks in advance.
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