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  1. Components Used1 NodeMCU NodeMCU is an open source firmware for which open source prototyping board designs are available 1 RelayLoad : 10A, AC 250V/ 15A, 125V 1 Bulb Google assistant is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based voice command service. Using voice, we can interact with google assistant and it can search on internet, schedule events, set alarms, control appliances, etc. This service is available on smartphones and Google Home devices. We can control smart home devices including li
  2. Hii Maker's Today we will make Emergency Neighbour notifier Using GSM 900l The stuff needed to make it Arduino Uno Arduino uno Gsm Module GSM module Sim900A A GSM module or a GPRS module is a chip or circuit that will be used to establish communication between a mobile device or a computing machine and a GSM or GPRS system Push switch A Push Button switch is a type of switch whi
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