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  1. Story Hii friends Today I'll Show You How To Make RFID Door Lock System Using Arduino Nano 1 / 8 The arduino based RFID door lock system is secure and responsive as compared to other systems. With the use of arduino, it becomes much easy to design. Pro
  2. Story Subscribe For More Hii Friends Welcome Back 🤗 Today I'll Show You How To make Simple Home automation System So Let's Make It You I'll Need Some Componenets For this 5 / 5 1. Plastic Box 2. Nodemcu 3. Bulb Holder
  3. Hii Friends Today I'll Show You How To Make Simple DIY Arc Reactor Using WemosD1 SO LET'S Make It🔥 Please Subscribe My Channel For More Supplies: Hardware: WemosD1 Ws2812b RGB Led Strip 3D printed Box Some Wires 5V Adapter : Buying these from local shops would be a better Software :- Arduino IDE Blynk TipQuestionComment Step 1: Step 1: WS2812B LED (Neopixe L) Strips Are Individually Addressable LED Strips WS28
  4. DIY Rainbow Eclipse Wall Light Introduction: DIY Rainbow Eclipse Wall Light By diyprojectslabDiyProjectsLabFollowMore Hii Friends Today I'll Show You How To Make Simple DIY Eclipse Wall Light Using ESP8266 SO LET'S Make It🔥 I created this project after I was inspired by smartphone controlled neopixels in a friends house but his were shop-bought. I thought "how hard can it be to make my own, it would be much cheaper too!"
  5. https://youtu.be/BQLkBnHP87I In this project I will be showing you How To Make DIY Music Relative Led Strip Light Using Arduino Nano Let’s get started! You Will Need Some Componenets For Make This Project Arduino Nano RGB strip Light Sound Sensor Adapter 5V Cable
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