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  1. I am using LM324N as a comparator which has Reference voltage of 1.2V to +ve terminal. It requires supply voltage VCC=24V & VEE=Gnd.When input is 0V Vout=24 and when input= above reference voltage Vout=24v. Here is the The problem is that lm324n datesheet IC is getting over heated and burning at VCC and Gnd pin.
  2. I'm trying to connect a DS18B20 to my Beaglebone Black. Now I wan't to determine the Baudrate but can't find it in the Datasheet of the DS18B20. In the internet I saw different ones (9600, 19200). Can I simply choose one the Sensor pick's up on it? If so up to what maximal rate? Sorry for this RTFM question, but I really can't find the answer for that. Here is the date sheet of DS18B20.
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