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    Hello, To day I want show that "PROGRAMMER" is very simple (without USB port) for Microchip 16 F 84 Microcontroller. Enjoy... untitled.bmp
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    For those of you new to the board Arduino Arduino uno Rv3 is the most appropriate, it is very simple and low cost. Put simply, but enough so that you programmed a lot of things ... Here is a book by author John Boxall very detailed instructions from the Arduino Uno Rv3 familiar with, from the installation guide and get acquainted arduino ide program, the structure of a program, and 65 specific examples. When you read and work through the exercises in this book, I guarantee you will be well informed about basic arduino uno. Arduino workshop - dientudieukhien.net|| Download ebook here
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    <<< In the Name of God >>> My name is Amirreza Pourkashef. A M I R E - X - Today I Proud to Present The AirCraft Alert(Simple Radar) When an airplane flying close you,This circut Warninging. an Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) amplification the Signal (From Antenna) It have a simple Antenna with a few wires (Signal Range is Between Standard Ranges in the World and You can Change it) I'm Sorry My English is not Good. Good Luck BMP(picture) + DSN(schematic) + LYT(PCB layer) => a ZIP file AirCraft.zip
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